Her beauty

A slender waist, whistling down from her bust,………as smoothly as the water from a waterfall,

the bends of her hips, so voluptuous that you feel as if it has been carved out by the creator who sculpted out of care and feel just like a potter sculpts a vessel from raw clay……

The bends of her hips and the fullness of her bosom, reminiscent of the idea of perfection……

As she was fixing her hair, with those long slender arms, her navel naked for the world to view,

The glistening skin and the color of cream,almost that of milk chocolate, infused with a hint of cocoa………

strikingly balancing the redness of her sari, was enough to give heart aches to any of the passers by, as it surely caused my heart to skip a few beats…

She made me firmly believe in the possibility of perfection……..

the possibility of how good someone can look from a minuscule distance…….

And the one thing that made her so unimaginably attractive,was by far her eyes…….

Those broad and expressive eyes siting atop the amazing vessel of a body made me feel like the haunting eyes of Parvati……….

gleaming down from the greatness of the Kailash mountains……..

This woman made me believe in the possibilities of beauty

Her eyes were literally like the night sky…….Not the void that presents itself to civilization every night……..

but the wondrous expanse of the universe unpolluted by street lamps and city lights…….

Looking into them was as fascinating as staring into the universe. …….It’s not something you get tired of……..

Her smile was the most adorable thing I have ever seen……….

And every line, cure, and angle of her face worked seamlessly together to create something more beautiful than the sum of its parts…….

There is no such thing as bad or unflattering lighting for her, every time I saw her she was gorgeous.

To the luck one

I lost count of it…..can’t keep track of all them……..bet you wondering how or why but am getting there……yeap am getting to it….

at time it gets so frustrating yet I have to go through it….I get frighten just thinking of sleep…

all those nightmares am scared to dream see that bigger picture……

torn between living life in the afterworld……

this hollow space so deep filled with all those……..

I feel loss of words whenever this painted picture of you comes in my mind……

I get that I get your point yet still can’t understand what your mean…….

I know see it, want to tell but I just…….just don’t know where to start……

yet I need this I really do but am torn apart…hand shaking, mumbling these words, drowning in this pile of tears and I still cant get this out of my chest……

they say things happen for a reason yet am here trying to understand what was the reason……stuck in the past trying to cover that you gone in my present…

I need to, i know i have to let it go…….life has become so cruel that I lost a friend and a brother…..

I know I should stay strong and am trying…..but I get drawn deep into these memories….

your smile and that laugh……those jokes we had the good moments……

and am scared halfway I might forget your voice…….

I promise to keep that legacy going….fly well my bro you will be missed……you are the lucky one…..

Farewell Edd

Letter to you

There are times when all my edges soften and becomes pure poetry,….

Only excuse for not writing is my mood,,….at times I feel caged …

all walls and darkness…still creeping me out,, every second turning to minutes space starts getting small…

somehow every scream turns to dust…..air slim and all I can smell is loneliness and empty….

All am left with is scratching those walls with my nails……trying to echo my voice through words and paintings on the walls

See am stuck on a past that still haunts my soul….caught up with anger, sadness and bad memories tends to make me an utterly evil duplicate of myself…..

getting sleepless nights or being wake to escape those dreams just to make sure am well and kicking…..

Yet I find solace in your arms……and for a minute there i forget finally finding peace …….

Every time we fall in love we discover something new……every time I fall in love with you is like the first time I have ever loved……

we discover something authentic and I become someone new……..

I don’t know much about the art of seduction but am curious and playful…

I love the naughty things but also love the romance…..beautiful impractical romances that defy explanation……

I want to see you wearing nothing but a blush…….

I will read this letter to you…..let my words scald your mouth……Taste them……..


Nothings perfect trust me I know that, ….and just when you thought it would be all paradise like all you will get is love, happily ever after usually has a silver lining……tends to hit you when you least expect it…..

Love makes you vulnerable…..makes you an easy target……and if you not careful it breaks you………

Sometimes its better to be a pessimist…take life as it is be a misfit in it…..

What hurts most is the idea of you giving it all out like going all in you know……..taking that risk no matter the quarrel you must keep on moving forward …..

cause there’s nothing as painful as starting over…..damn that shit hurts and its a process yo!……

the idea of getting to know someone again and them knowing you and opening up to someone else about that past that ex that connection you had damn seems like deja vu ……..

but thats not even the biggest problem…..it comes if you had a deep connection with your past that moving on becomes the bigger issue………

you get torn when all you can see is their faces, their voices all the good moments you had and now that your there you have doubts if the next will be the same and you get stuck with that aftermath not knowing where to go……

I would rather have bad times with you than good times with someone else……we fight we talk about it….we have those trust issues no matter how petty they are we make up for it…….

you get mad at me damn let’s get some food…. You want space girl go get your ass in the bedroom I will stick mine in the couch…..we stuck for life and might use the traditional way on you………

we in this we mend those torn holes in our relationship…..we grease it all smooth till me make it……let me wake up to the same smile for years ……

that face you know see the naked you …….so just like a team we build each other, you motivate me and I also do, I tend to keep that smile, see you grow and keep that glow there…….

I sure got you for life…..whats your take…?…….


Shakespeare idea is ‘love looks not with the eyes but with the mind’ took me a while to get his idea cause I was blinded by the picture painted infront of me……

See am a fan of Shakespeare sonnet…..how it potrays his love analogy and marriage….so I choose to create mine……

I like those conversations you know those deep talks in midnight, like you get too caught up and start opening up …….

you drawn in too deep into them that sleep seems like a distraction…..you plan about life the in and out of it……..

talk about your future and how to get by with it……and midway you get that glimpse of gossip about other people that just cracks you up so loud and halfway there you find peace in it…….

and just when you thought you were done another pops up and no matter how busy your next day seems you caught up with in the moment ……..don’t care how tomorrow comes you just yearning for more…….

This smile as am writing this can seem to get off it all it takes me back to those moments we making…….

I want to make memories with you…….am done searching……… would rather go home to someone rather than going home with someone……..

so I choose to make to make some with you…….grow old don’t care how long it takes…the pain it triggers but I choose you……

Let’s make our own memories……


To me love is like an idea, and everyone has their own …Most want love to be like all caring, compassionate, kind, find someone who is all into them but thing is sometimes you give it too much and forget to love yourself…

Been there done that and naah am past that…

Nowadays I look for the vibe, the kinda one that never ends…..you know where you can talk all day and night and still talk the next…..

like the kind you just meet and not say a word to each other just spend time with each other and still be the best date everrr.. ..

Yet two souls broken met and within time built this vibe that never ends …..like I miss you and still don’t want to overdo it…..like I need you but don’t want to seem desperate…. Like this feel you just want to go for it but still you want it to last….

I don’t know if you getting it yet or its just me scribbling words……. some seem like nonsense yet everytime I say more all I see is you…..

They say actions matter than words yet I find words make sense more…. The little things matter…. poor with actions but am good with words….so I will use mine everyday make it seem its like its the first day we met….and try to win you like I just got you…..

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Her name

She had this glow, seemed like a happy soul from the outside….had this smile the cute one you know like the one you see in the movies.. Like when you just sitted at home ‘bila stima and zirudi’ or when you get that Mpesa message after a long day… But hers mehn is like when Duke Hastings sees Lady Brighton…..yes that kind of a smile but her eyes,…her eyes said different .

She had a sad past deep down I could see an unhappy soul, i would watch her from a far, stare down hard and steady, ain’t moving till she was good and ready…..for awhile thought she would…you know show up b

ut would shy away hoping someday would walk my way.. .

See I thought it was her but in sense it was me. .didnt even have the courage to ask about her day, was to scared if I would say something my heart would be broken cause I wouldnt know what she would do with these feelings she had awoken yet I had this urge…..this urge just to know her name……. Just that maybe just maybe would make my day.

I thought of it so hard kept an open mind and wrote bunch of pick up lines and yes mehn I could pull her.. .. But all in my head. So I went for it just a simple hey…. It was worth the risk.


So it started with a joke, abit of giggles here and a smile popped then came this burst of laughter that just had this …. …like just a thought of that makes me have these flashbacks and um mm…

She had this soft voice amd those eyes just ..mehn I thought it was easy writing this but feelings keep messing up like am stuck on every bit of …and time by time all I see is your face

What started as a simple conversation built something, when a boy meets a girl turns him to a man and what feels like a new beginning seems like we’ve known each other all our lives

Just a glimpse of this story am just getting started, this is my letter

Broken pieces

Scared of love, scared to commit too scared to fall to avoid getting hurt

Heard you stay for love but also hate cause of it

Would it matter if I fell for it and not get hurt because of it?

Is it a myth does it really exist?

Or its just me who find pain and anger after it

Always end up alone broken, tears falling, numb and feelings wasted

This load am weighing too heavy for me to keep on holding,

like a knife keep stabbing on my chest on and on and on when does it stop when does it end….

Is it like this ?

Does love feel like this?

You say its happiness am I not worth it? Don’t deserve it?

Or I just happen to choose the wrong person for it

So long I have waited to smile for it, feel stupid and act dump cause of it.

Emptiness feels me all I feel is void

That kinda vibe you know,

that keeps you on attached to someone

Maybe someday just maybe one day I might find that missing piece

But for now let’s keep on with the flow..

Paintings on the wall

I find it easy for me to express my words through pen not by tongue

Because then there is none to judge my words then maybe later

Expressing ideas and emotions with the creation of certain aesthetic qualities in two-dimensional visual language

This is what we call art

Still life paintings are so uniquely beautiful, you can notice something new every time you look

Every painting has its own hidden feature, look closely and you might see the image

There is so much to notice, look closely and you will see horizons in each portrait don’t match

Hence, would be impossible for every painting to fit

Even those people who leave a mark eventually are forgotten, rest of us well…we are nothing

So my goal is to leave a mark, 400 yrs from now might be forgotten but least I left a mark

Just like a painting may be torn or faded but least has my name on it

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