Paintings on the wall

I find it easy for me to express my words through pen not by tongue

Because then there is none to judge my words then maybe later

Expressing ideas and emotions with the creation of certain aesthetic qualities in two-dimensional visual language

This is what we call art

Still life paintings are so uniquely beautiful, you can notice something new every time you look

Every painting has its own hidden feature, look closely and you might see the image

There is so much to notice, look closely and you will see horizons in each portrait don’t match

Hence, would be impossible for every painting to fit

Even those people who leave a mark eventually are forgotten, rest of us well…we are nothing

So my goal is to leave a mark, 400 yrs from now might be forgotten but least I left a mark

Just like a painting may be torn or faded but least has my name on it

Published by It's Phil

Introvert, in love with the old school and classic music,

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