Broken pieces

Scared of love, scared to commit too scared to fall to avoid getting hurt

Heard you stay for love but also hate cause of it

Would it matter if I fell for it and not get hurt because of it?

Is it a myth does it really exist?

Or its just me who find pain and anger after it

Always end up alone broken, tears falling, numb and feelings wasted

This load am weighing too heavy for me to keep on holding,

like a knife keep stabbing on my chest on and on and on when does it stop when does it end….

Is it like this ?

Does love feel like this?

You say its happiness am I not worth it? Don’t deserve it?

Or I just happen to choose the wrong person for it

So long I have waited to smile for it, feel stupid and act dump cause of it.

Emptiness feels me all I feel is void

That kinda vibe you know,

that keeps you on attached to someone

Maybe someday just maybe one day I might find that missing piece

But for now let’s keep on with the flow..

Published by It's Phil

Introvert, in love with the old school and classic music,

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