Her beauty

A slender waist, whistling down from her bust,………as smoothly as the water from a waterfall, the bends of her hips, so voluptuous that you feel as if it has been carved out by the creator who sculpted out of care and feel just like a potter sculpts a vessel from raw clay…… The bends ofContinue reading “Her beauty”

To the luck one

I lost count of it…..can’t keep track of all them…… you wondering how or why but am getting there……yeap am getting to it…. at time it gets so frustrating yet I have to go through it….I get frighten just thinking of sleep… all those nightmares am scared to dream see that bigger picture…… torn betweenContinue reading “To the luck one”

Letter to you

QuoteThere are times when all my edges soften and becomes pure poetry,…. Only excuse for not writing is my mood,,….at times I feel caged … all walls and darkness…still creeping me out,, every second turning to minutes space starts getting small… somehow every scream turns to dust…..air slim and all I can smell is lonelinessContinue reading “Letter to you”


Nothings perfect trust me I know that, ….and just when you thought it would be all paradise like all you will get is love, happily ever after usually has a silver lining……tends to hit you when you least expect it….. Love makes you vulnerable…..makes you an easy target……and if you not careful it breaks you………Continue reading “Hurt”


Shakespeare idea is ‘love looks not with the eyes but with the mind’ took me a while to get his idea cause I was blinded by the picture painted infront of me…… See am a fan of Shakespeare sonnet… it potrays his love analogy and marriage….so I choose to create mine…… I like those conversationsContinue reading “Memories”


To me love is like an idea, and everyone has their own …Most want love to be like all caring, compassionate, kind, find someone who is all into them but thing is sometimes you give it too much and forget to love yourself… Been there done that and naah am past that… Nowadays I lookContinue reading “Vibes”

Her name

She had this glow, seemed like a happy soul from the outside….had this smile the cute one you know like the one you see in the movies.. Like when you just sitted at home ‘bila stima and zirudi’ or when you get that Mpesa message after a long day… But hers mehn is like whenContinue reading “Her name”


So it started with a joke, abit of giggles here and a smile popped then came this burst of laughter that just had this …. …like just a thought of that makes me have these flashbacks and um mm… She had this soft voice amd those eyes just ..mehn I thought it was easy writingContinue reading “Her😊”

Broken pieces

Scared of love, scared to commit too scared to fall to avoid getting hurt Heard you stay for love but also hate cause of it Would it matter if I fell for it and not get hurt because of it? Is it a myth does it really exist? Or its just me who find painContinue reading “Broken pieces”

Paintings on the wall

I find it easy for me to express my words through pen not by tongue Because then there is none to judge my words then maybe later Expressing ideas and emotions with the creation of certain aesthetic qualities in two-dimensional visual language This is what we call art Still life paintings are so uniquely beautiful,Continue reading “Paintings on the wall”


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